Shopping guide for Hanoi

Shopping in Hanoi is one of the top interesting things to do in this destination. What to buy in Hanoi and where to get? Take a look at this article and you can find out your answer.

1. Silk and Clothing

For centuries, Hanoi has been famous for making the best silk in the country. You can buy raw silk, print silk or patterned silk with national decorations easily in this city. Also, there are a lot of shops on the sidewalk of Hanoi selling finished dresses, men’s ties, and Ao Dai. In case you cannot find the clothes you like, tailor clothes are always ready for you. It is another local specialty. Depending on the samples or pictures of clothes you want, tailors in tailor shops will make them for you. Don’t forget to check your items before leaving.

Where to buy:

  • Duc Loi: 77 Hang Gai Street
  • Hang Ma Market: 1 Hang Da Street

2. Lacquerware

Lacquerware in Vietnam is an art that has been handed down for generations and it is well made in Hanoi with wonderful designs. Its products also have various forms such as plates, dishes, coasters, vases, jewelry boxes, and photograph albums. Lacquerware can be considered as a great gift for your friends or as decorative pieces for your house.

Where to buy:

  • Marena Hanoi: 28 Nha Chung
  • Minh Tam: 2 Hang Bong

3. Do Paper

Do paper is made from the bark of the Do tree. It is a wild plant found around local riverbanks. In the past, it was widely used for many years. Nowadays, Do paper is only used to make Hanoi’s ethnic greetings cards, watercolor, folk paintings and bamboo-bound notebooks.

Where to buy:

  • Hang Gai Street
  • Hang Bac Street
  • Craft-Link: 43 Van Mieu

4. Ethnic Minorities’ products

Vietnam is home to 54 ethnic groups and ethnic minorities often scatter mostly in the Northern mountainous region in Vietnam. Each group has its own unique items with distinctive designs. Their products are usually handicrafts and clothes. Their goods can be easily found in Hanoi.

Where to buy:

  • Craft-Link: 43 Van Mieu
  • Indigenous: 36 Au Trieu
  • Mekong Quilts: 13 Hang Bac

5. Luxury goods

There are a lot of shops in Hanoi which are rich and famous for luxury items and international designer goods. From jewelry, bags, sunglasses, wallets to clothes and shoes, you can buy them almost anywhere, especially in shopping malls.

Where to buy

  • Ipa Nima: 73 Trang Thi
  • Trang Tien Plaza
  • David Minh Duc: Yet Kieu Street
  • Thu Huong: Yet Kieu Street

6. Bamboo and rattan products

Hanoi is also well-known for bamboo and rattan products. It seems that most of the items you may think are able to be made from bamboo and rattan in Hanoi. You can buy furniture, trays, little chopsticks, and so on, which are totally made out of these two materials.

Where to buy

  • Bamboo Shop: 4b Hang Hanh
  • Quang Trung Street

7. O Mai

O Mai is a unique specialty to buy as a gift when traveling to Hanoi. It is a perfect combination of the sour taste, saltiness, spicy and natural sweetness, which is favored by a lot of Vietnamese people, especially women. Moreover, O Mai has enchanted many visitors to Hanoi recent years. The main ingredient to make O Mai is a wide variety of fruits such as apricots, plums, peach, kumquat, star fruit, and mango along with some condiments like chili, ginger, licorice, sugar, and salt.

Where to buy

  • Hong Lam: 11 Hang Duong Street
  • Toan Thinh: 15 Hang Duong Street
  • Van Loi: 34 Hang Da Street

Those are famous goods in Hanoi and we hope our information can be useful and convenient for you when shopping in the capital of Vietnam. But please don’t forget to check out Vietnam visa requirements in advance if you are needed to get a valid Vietnam visa then.